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Sunflower included in the crops of the tribe kenikir-kenikiran. Usually drawn sunflower oil, can also be used as seed material panagan as sunflower seeds, used as animal feed and fertilizer and cultivated as garden flowers for decoration.
Sunflower plant is a kind of compound interest comprising hundreds to thousands of small flowers in the cob. Sunflower has prilakukhas which always follows the direction of the sun. Sunflower became the national flower of Ukraine and became the official state flower of Kansas, USA.

There are 4 groups of cultivated sunflower were distinguished based on the benefits and usefulness. What are these groups?
1. The oil-producing group. Sunflower is cultivated to be taken sunflower seed oil. This group has a kind of flower seeds with a thin shell. With an oil content of about 48 to 52 percent, so to produce 1 liter of oil takes about 60 bunches of compound interest.
2. The second group is the group that utilizes daunya as fodder and green manure.
3. The group of ornamental plants, this type typically have a variety of colors and have many branches and flowers.
4. Group of watermelon seeds, this group and its nut is harvested and processed into pumpkin seeds to be used as food.
Matahri flowering plants thrive in soil that is full of humus and warm and will be very good if planted bright area so suitable to be planted in an area with a temperate climate.

Philosophy sunflower
Meaning sunflower – This flower called sunflower because it always faithfully follow where the direction of the sun rolling. If you look at a sunflower in the morning then he will face east, where the sun rises and then it will continue to follow it as the movement of the sun towards the west, where the sun sets. The nature of sunflower to give the sense of loyalty that ought to be used as guidance on the meaning of a fidelity. Be faithful and obedient nature tapa protests.
Meaning sunflower as well as a symbol of joy, excitement and happiness. If you look carefully at the sunflower has a beautiful yellow color that would represent cheerfulness. Maybe you’ve meilihat teletubies event containing baby baby full of joy. At the beginning of each appearance is always a portrait of the sun and also raises sunflowers that accompanied seyuman of the little baby filled with joy and happiness.

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