Leonardo da Vinci : MONALISA

03 Jul

leonardo-da-vinciThe Monalisa painting depicts a half-body portrait of a woman aged mid-20s who posed on a terrace of the building. In contrast to a number of models of portraiture of the period that generally pose upright and stiff, this painting looks relaxed models crossed his hands on the chair while developing a thin smile very mysterious. This painting became characteristic also because the model of the painting do not wear any jewelry on her body and did not even have eyebrows. But actually the Monalisa is not very well known until the mid-1800s era when the artist Monalisa flow Symbolic praised as a symbol of female mystique. Since that time the Monalisa became the inspiration of various kinds of poetry, song and drama. The more famous again when the painting was stolen in 1911 and fortunately found two years later.

The long journey Monalisa
Monalisa is one of the favorite works of Leonardo da Vinci. This is evident because the da Vinci continues to bring the painting wherever he went up to the end of life. In 1516, da Vinci painting was invited to France by King Francois I. King who was amazed at the works of da Vinci bought a number of paintings of the maestro including the Monalisa, and then place it in a castle Château Fontainebleau. Furthermore, King Louis XIV moved the painting to the palace of Versailles. After the French Revolution, the painting moved again to the palace (now a museum) Louvre. Famous ruler after the French Revolution, Napoleon I even had the Monalisa hanging in his private room.
Shocking incident occurred on August 21, 1911 when the Mona Lisa was stolen by an employee of the Italian museum, Vincenso Peruggia. He keeps Monalisa for two years in an attic room in Paris. In 1913, Peruggia took home the Mona Lisa to Italy and try to sell it. He was caught, but the Italian people even consider Peruggia hero for ‘repatriate’ Monalisa to his homeland. After the public display, the Italian Government finally repatriate the Monalisa back ‘home’ in the Louvre, France.

In 1962, the Monalisa had been to the country of Uncle Sam, the US to display in the museum National Gallery. In 1974, venturing to Moscow and Tokyo, where the number of visitors to the exhibition of nearly two million people in just a few days. A record number of visits museum unsolved until now.

Many are like the Mona Lisa, but some may hate it. 1956, Monalisa acid thrown, causing little damage at the bottom of the painting. Furthermore hit by a stone that causes blisters painting in some parts. In 1974, the Government of Japan presented Monalisa bulletproof glass frame air-conditioned. Since that time Monalisa ranging safe from the hands of ignorant.

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