the phenomenon of aurora

03 Jul

dsnIn general, there are times where the sun’s atmosphere is open and create electrons and protons flowing out. These particles towards earth and deflected by the Earth’s magnetic. But because Earth’s magnetic poles at both weaker, some particles can still enter the Earth’s atmosphere and collide with gas particles. The clash resulted in a series of small light, called photons. Required pretty much a clash that these photons form the aurora, and this requires the opening of a larger solar atmosphere, such as sunspots or coronal hole. This reaction occurs at high latitudes (about 60-75 degrees latitude north / south) and at an altitude of 65 – 640km, and this area is called the Auroral Oval. Aurora in the northern latitudes often referred to as the Aurora Borealis and in southern latitudes called the Aurora Australis. At the moment there are geomagnetic storms, where there is a large flow of electrically charged particles flowing out from the sun to Earth, Auroral Oval will be widened to lower latitudes, even reaching latitude 30 degrees north / south.
Aurora is often seen in a variety of colors ranging from green, blue, yellow, red or purple, depending on the type of gas particles collide. The color of aurora is most common color is green, when collide with oxygen at an altitude of about 100km. Clash with oxygen at altitudes up to about 320km above will produce more rare red aurora visible. Clash with nitrogen will produce aurora blue and purple. In addition, the aurora also appears in various forms, ranging from small pieces light up like a stream, like liukan snake, like a bow, like a wave or even like beam that illuminates the sky with beautiful.

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